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We’re living in a VUCA world in which the digital revolution requires different and new competences and skills. Not only digital literacy and technological knowledge become important, but also other competences such as learning agility. A key issue for teachers, trainers and L&D experts is to understand how the brain works and how online and blended learning offers opportunities for learning. Join our E-learning design lab, a 100% online training course, providing insights in comtemporary e-learning concepts. Theory is accompanied by concrete and practical examples and contextualization by looking into existing projects. On top of that, individual coaching by our d-teach experts and online social learning will help you execute your own project idea.

Share your challenges and lessons learned, connect with like-minded international professionals, and practice with the support of our multidisciplinary d-team.




The virtual doors of our E-learning design lab are open to everyone interested in online learning. Thanks to its project-based approach, this course is the perfect solution solution for professionals and teams who need to get up-to-speed on e-learning design and development. We welcome in particular:

  • Educational professionals
  • Trainers
  • E-learning professionals
  • L&D professionals


This online training helps you recognize and apply modern e-Learning methods to your professional work.The course covers topics such as:

  • Design thinking, instructional design and online didactics
  • E-facilitation and e-moderation
  • Learning technologies for increased engagement
  • Online assessment strategies
  • Online communication and collaboration
  • E-Learning quality assurance & accessibility
  • Latest trends, including MOOCs, mobile learning and gamification

What will you be able to do?

The training leans towards practice and provides practical and immediately applicable tips & tricks. No fluffy talk at d-teach, but concrete examples, good practices and lessons learned. You will at least be able to:

  • Compare different instructional design models.
  • Design an e-Learning strategy for specific workplace and audience needs.
  • Utilize various e-Learning instructional models to improve projects.
  • Use audience analysis tools to compile information about the target population.
  • Apply action mapping to e-Learning design
  • Identify and compare different online tools for more effective learning activities
  • Access a range of e-Learning tools for online assessment, collaboration, communication, and more.
  • Develop a practice activity for e-Learning projects
  • Finalize an e-learning project strategy.
  • Define latest e-learning trends.
Learning goals


Our 8-week training course consist of several interactive and participatory building blocks. On a weekly basis, content is unlocked providing you with the necessary concepts, methods and tools to approach your own e-learning project idea

Beside the modular asynchronous content,you get access to an individualized coaching system. Through project-based coaching, you’ll be able to tackle the most pressing issues regarding your personal project.

The course offers options for synchronous debate, discussions and exchange of expertise through targeted online webinars, thus providing an optional opportunity for learning, engaging with different experts and online social networking.

Almost ready for take-off!

Our training course is almost ready for take-off. Do you want to be among the first to board and be guaranteed a seat? Register now without obligation at the link below.We will let you know when our virtual doors are open. See you soon!

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