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Are you a trainer or L&D professional?
Does your company or organisation want to take the first steps in e-learning?
Do you want to be able to design interactive online learning journeys from analysis to implementation?

23 Feb - 22 Mar 2024


19 February

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  • 5-week online training programme
  • Online modules & live webinars
  • Hands-on & interactive
  • Bring your own project
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Peer collaboration & learning community
  • International experts
  • Certification


Our 5-week training programme consists of several interactive and participatory building blocks. On a weekly basis, content is unlocked providing you with the necessary concepts, methods and tools to approach your own e-learning project idea. The course is 100% online and an international collaboration between d-teach online training and ITCILO (International Training Center of the International Labor Organization of the United Nations).

Beside the modular asynchronous content, you get access to an individualized coaching system. Through project-based coaching, you’ll be able to tackle the most pressing issues regarding your personal project.

The course offers options for synchronous debate, discussions and exchange of expertise through targeted online webinars, thus providing an optional opportunity for learning, engaging with different experts and online social networking.

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If you have a VAT number, or you work in a small or medium-sized company,
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Completing this course will help you:

The training leans towards practice and provides practical and immediately applicable tips & tricks. No fluffy talk at d-teach, but concrete examples, good practices and lessons learned. You will at least be able to:

Who is the course for?

The virtual doors of our e-Learning Design Lab are open to everyone interested in online learning. Thanks to its project-based approach, this course is the perfect solution for professionals and teams who need to get up-to-speed on e-learning design and development. We welcome in particular trainers, e-learning professionals, and L&D experts.


We start off with a bang. Get to know the team, the other participants and the programme.

What can e-learning offer you and/or your company? What e-learning forms and formats meet your needs? How sensitive are you to e-learning trends, buzzwords and common pitfalls? The first week of the training programme gets you up to speed with e-learning terms and trends. Curious to see how you will apply them to your project.

Live kick-off ‘Digital didactics done right’ on Friday 23 February from 13h-14h30 CET.

In week 2, we take a closer look at the design of e-learning journeys. What makes an e-learning course good? How can you design an effective e-learning trajectory with the needs of your target group in mind? During this week, the focus is on ‘doing’ instead of ‘knowing’. You will create an action map to design an effective, target-oriented e-learning with emphasis on performance outcomes rather than content.

Live webinar ‘Action mapping to create performance based online journeys’ on Friday 1 March from 13h-14h CET.

It is time to develop your e-learning journey. What tools are available and how to use them well in development? You get guidelines to get more out of online tools to create interactive e-learning experiences. We also look at proven techniques such as storytelling and scenario-based learning. Which interactive online activities will you create?

Live webinar ‘About fools and top e-learning tools’ on Friday 8 March from 13h-14h CET.

Your e-learning programme has taken shape. How are you going to implement it in your organization? How do you facilitate online training and engage learners in online environments? What are the focus points for after-care and e-coaching? How to build a strong learning community? Let’s explore together.

Live webinar ‘Online facilitator 2.0: how to engage learners in online environments’ on Friday 15 March from 13h-14h CET.

In this week, we are closing the e-learning design circle. How to include evaluation criteria from the beginning, and how to monitor them during and after the e-learning journey. How can you evaluate whether the target group is achieving the performance goals? How to design and deliver good and relevant assessments and feedback? What to learn from the evaluation of the e-learning design process itself?

Live wrap-up on Friday 22 March from 13h-14h CET.

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