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e-Learning Design LAB


The course helps you identify and select modern e-Learning methods and tools to design and deliver e-Learning courses and activities in their professional context.


Content is unlocked on a weekly basis and is packaged through design activities which are meant to provide you with the necessary concepts, methods and tools to approach e-Learning challenges.

Weeks 1-5: Knowledge and inspiration phase

Participants explore latest e-Learning trends, concepts of online design, digital content production, online facilitation methods and evaluation/assessment through online content and webinars. 

Weeks 6-7: Coaching phase

Participants produce their “e-Learning project idea” and they improve it with the help of peers and with the support of a professional e-Learning coach.

Weeks 8: Wrap-up

Participants reflect on what they have learnt through the course and on how to apply this in their contexts.


The course is offered fully online through an asynchronous modality (70%) where participants can plan their own learning at their own pace.  The course offers options for synchronous debate (30%) through webinars that provide an opportunity for engaging with peers and experts and online networking.