Blij dat je erbij bent

We are d-teach

Hello, we are d-teach. I am Lieselot Declercq, founder of d-teach, and together with my colleagues Scarlet Coopman, Joke Hollants, Maaike Grammens and Steffi De Cock, I am very happy to welcome you in our e-Learning Design Lab.

Why did we launch this online programme? Clients often ask us: we want to develop an online training or module, but we don’t know how to start. Many clients start from the already existing offline content and make a literal copy-paste to an online environment. This is not how we see it at d-teach. We like to put the goal and the target group first, rather than the content. In order to reach the target group, a quick copy-paste will not work. You need good, well-founded digital didactics. And that is what we stand for at d-teach: performance-based and interactive online learning.

In this programme, we provide you with the necessary concepts, methods and practical tools to achieve this in your learning context as well. We hope you enjoy the d-teach e-Learning Design Lab as much as we enjoyed developing it.