Weekly assignment: content “curation” or “production”?

*Real world activity*

Which one is better?

Created content is original content that is written or produced by your institution/organization and is hosted on your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. When you create your own content, you own it. Every piece of content you create represents your organization’s unique expertise, products, services, insights, and opinions.

Conversely, curated content is content from external sources outside of your organization that you share with your audience through a course page, website, blog, or social media channels. It should be relevant and useful to the target audience and demonstrate that your organization recognizes the value.

Both types of online content have their advantages and tend to work better in certain e-Learning scenarios:

Created Content Curated Content
Demonstrates your organization’s expertise
Showcases your organization’s unique voice, opinions, skills, and knowledge
Boosts your organization’s credibility
Cost efficient
Time efficient
Builds new relationships
Provides the audience with alternative views and resources

Now it’s time to reflect on the best content development strategy in your own context:

– How do you intend to approach online content production?
– Which strategy do you think it’s best suited for you: content production, content curation, or both?